What is YOUR truth?

It was a beautiful chilly autumn evening and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were in the garden sitting atop the garden shed admiring the view.

SW-Avatar       The air angels are very kind to us this evening Mr Midnight.  The air is so fresh and invigorating. My whole body feels so alive with energy.

MM-Avatar      I think it´s a bit nippy. Mr whiskers are freezing themselves to death!

The warm glowing thing in the sky has gone away and they´ve now switched on the lights in the sky. They seem to switch them on a lot earlier these days.

SW-Avatar       Nobody switches anything on Mr Midnight.

When the sun goes away the bright things in the sky twinkle a lot better that´s all.

How´d you come by such “knowledge”?

MM-Avatar       Mr Russian Blue from down the road, you know, Vladimir, believes that the night twinklers have something to do with the humans.

SW-Avatar       Well he´s either having you on or he really does believe in what he says.

MM-Avatar       I thought Russian cats were very intelligent because Russian humans are often going up into the sky to explore what´s out there.

SW-Avatar       What he believes appears a little unorthodox for my ears.

MM-Avatar       But I thought the Russian people were Russian Unorthodox followers.

SW-Avatar       You mean Russian Orthodox!

That´s the main belief of Russian humans; at least I think it is.

MM-Avatar       So the “twinklers” in the night sky are not switched on by humans.

Well you live and learn.

SW-Avatar       The “twinklers” as you so finely put it are a natural occurrence. I remember reading a book not so long ago which informed me the “twinklers” are in fact, called stars and that there are many star constellations surrounding our planet.

I think the modern star constellations come to us from the ancient Greeks.

MM-Avatar       That sounds a little unorthodox Sir Winston.

So you´re saying the Greeks are Unorthodox?

SW-Avatar       Not at all!  Your´re confusing things again. The Greeks simply named the star patterns although the constellations are thought to be much older.

The Greek people believe in the Greek Orthodox beliefs.

MM-Avatar       Now you´re confusing me. The Russians are Orthodox, the Greeks believe in Orthodox.

Which belief is the correct one?

SW-Avatar       Well speaking as a cat, I´m not quite sure but I think that human religions basically all come down to the same thing. Namely that all is one.

Humans just like to make things complicated that´s all.

You see, as a rule, people go on believing what their ancestors taught them to be true.  In a way I suppose following such a strategy in life is comforting.

There isn´t necessarily any reference to the truth in what people believe but their beliefs help solve humans having to search for their own truths. Although I understand religion helps humans, religion can also often get in the way of “opening ones mind” to other possibilities.

There is a star constellation known as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, which is a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

MM-Avatar       Totally confused but go on anyway!

SW-Avatar       Here´s a  picture of the Pleiades with it´s Greek labels.

disasterarchpleiadesru       pleiades

Now take a look at this!

We happen to live in an interesting part of the world, namely the Black Forest.

Here´s a picture of the Pleiades which happen to be “reproduced” on earth in 5 mountains of the Black Forest. The mountains are in the exact location as the diagram of the Pleiades and are part of the highest mountains in the Black Forest.


Now some say that the mountains  are 5 stars of the Pleiades which have crashed to Earth thus pertaining that it will be the end of the world.

The Celts may have also used the so-called “Belchen-System” (5 mountains as a tripoint of France, Germany and Switzerland) as a solar calender so there may have been a lot goings off in our part of the woods all those years ago.

Here´s a picture of the Belchen System.


MM-Avatar       It´s certainly very interesting Sir Winston but I find it all very hard to believe. Especially because some people associate the layout of the mountains in a gloom and doom scenario.

That´s not how the Earth and the universe functions – or is it?

SW-Avatar       You see, we have many interesting things happening here on this planet but most seem to only believe in certain possibilities passed down from past generations.

Isn´t life there to explore?

Isn´t it exciting to want to discover ones own truths or are we all so conveniently time consumed that  “other options” are simply not important?

What is YOUR OWN truth?

MM-Avatar       At this present moment in time “my truth” is informing me that it´s time for something to eat! My tummy´s rumbling like mad. I only ate about 20 minutes ago!

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Taking your own path in life.

MM-Avatar       Look at this funny photo I found on daddy´s computer. I haven´t a clue as to what the poor fellow is up to.


SW-Avatar       He looks really spaced out but also kind of cute.   I don´t know what a rollercoaster is so I´ll find out what daddy says.

author-Avatar       A rollercoaster is a fair ground attraction which propels people up and down along a railway track.

MM-Avatar       But why do people need to go up and down daddy?

From my observations you people are often up and down and without having to use a  railway track.

author-Avatar       Although not my cup of tea, rollercoasters are supposed  to be a lot of fun. They travel up and down at great speed, often looping the loop and going round tight bends, making people scream their heads off at the same time.

MM-Avatar       I don´t wish to be rude but I thought human beings were loopy enough without having to go round the bend as well.  A rollercoaster seems to be a strange contraption.

SW-Avatar       As oppose to us cats, a human  life seems to always be full of ups and downs. It´s no wonder some of you wish to emphasise this fact by building your rollercoaster thingeymybobs.

MM-Avatar       Look here; cop your eyes on this photo.


This pussy cat´s doing exactly what a normal cat should be doing. It´s enjoying life on the level – without ups and downs.  A cats life is always on the upside of life and usually a cat will stick to enjoying life on the “ups” of life.  That´s why we are cats.

Life is to be enjoyed and its what one makes out of life that matters.  We create our own lives and most of us would sooner stick to living life to the full  without all those “downs of life” if you don´t mind.

SW-Avatar       I think “Monorail cat” looks quite funny.

author-Avatar       And if you two would kindly observe, your funny “monorail cat” also needs a track, albeit a flat track, with which to have fun.  The rollercoaster track goes up and down and Mr Monorail here decides to travel on the level.

MM-Avatar       I didn´t say one shouldn´t have a path (or track) in life. We all need to know where we are heading. You humans seem to enjoy adventure, with a little pain tied in getting to wherever you´re going, but we cats prefurr to travel through life at a much more sedate pace.

The path in life is the same direction for all but the journey is not necessarily the same.

SW-Avatar       Whatever path we decide to take in life it will always be the correct one, whatever the outcome.

author-Avatar       And I believe that if we all took the same path life wouldn´t be life without all those “ups and downs”.

It is what we make out of our discoveries and experiences which count.

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How to stop complaining, grumbling and moaning.

Mr Midnight had started  wearing a purple latex band around one of his legs and he was now proudly parading around the garden so that Sir Winston could see it.

SW-Avatar       What have you got tied to your leg Mr Midnight? It looks quite funny.

MM-Avatar       It´s a new therapy I´m practicing.

As you already know, I`m not too keen on bands around cats necks and things like that, even though they sometimes have little bells attached to them, but I wanted to start this therapy thing I read about.

SW-Avatar       But why the colourful band?

Does it help your blood pressure or something?

MM-Avatar       In a way, I suppose it does help my blood pressure Sir W.

You´re aware that I have a tendency to moan about things a lot, especially what the humans manage to do to our planet, and so the band helps me to cool down a little.

SW-Avatar       I`m not quite with you Mr Midnight.

Can you explain yourself a little better?

MM-Avatar       The other day I was lolling about, killing 8 or 10 hours before daddy usually makes the evening meal, when I happened to notice a book by daddy´s bedside.  I didn´t have much else to do so before I had another little nap I thought I would try and read a few words of it.

SW-Avatar       I´m not quite sure you should have been in daddy´s bedroom Mr Midnight. You know what a fuddy duddy he is about us cats going into his sleeping quarters.

MM-Avatar       Well if you don´t tell him I won´t.

SW-Avatar       Won´t he think it odd that you´re wearing a band around your leg, especially if its been quoted in his book?

MM-Avatar       I´ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  Anyway, don´t you want to know what the book is all about?

SW-Avatar       Oh yes, please do go on.

MM-Avatar       The book is called “A Complaint Free World” from a Mr Will Bowen and is about how to stop complaining and to live the life you always wanted.

Basically, it´s a 21 day challenge and you know how much I love challenges.

SW-Avatar       Too right Mr M.

MM-Avatar       It´s all about creating a positive lifestyle.

Moaning and complaining about things attracts negative energy and negative energy blocks the body, even attracting and reinforcing our negativity which in the long run, often creates all sorts of illness.

Although most of us are not aware, we all complain quite a lot – even us cats!

So according to the book,  everytime I moan, complain, nag or groan I have to swap my leg band onto the other leg with the goal of not swapping the band for 21 days!

Everytime I swap the band it makes me aware that I´m complaining again.

Obviously, human beings swap their band from wrist to wrist.

Because these strap things are not really made for cats I have to cheat a little sometimes. I hope Mr Bowen is alright with that. If I moan or complain about something then I catch myself moaning and will therefore moan a second time so that I may keep my band on the same leg! I think the main idea is that I´m conscious of the fact I´m moaning.

SW-Avatar       So if we can get rid of our complaining then we help our bodies to detox from negativity in which to become happy again.  It sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun is involved.

MM-Avatar       Here´s the website incase any of you out there happens to be interested:-



http://www.willbowen.com  (As I´ve already said, he´s the chappie who set the whole thing in motion).

SW-Avatar       It looks like I´ve got to go and get one of those bands. They are a pretty colour aren´t they.

It´s up to you folks. Do you want to live a happy life or not?

If you ask me, you´ve nothing to lose.

All our love from Mr Midnight and Sir Winston.


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Losing control

??????????       I´m glad that I´m a cat this time round daddy and not a human being.

author-Avatar       And why is that Mr Midnight?  Can you remember a disturbing event from one of your past lives or something?

MM-Avatar       Not really. I sometimes have strange flashbacks burning my brain but that could also have something to do with the fact that I haven´t drank enough fluids.

I don´t need to travel back to one of my past lives to be thankful that I´m a cat.

You human beings always remind me how good I´ve got it.

SW-Avatar       And I can vouch for Mr Midnight daddy.

The two of us are very thankful.

author-Avatar       I´m still none the wiser as to why you prefer to be cats than a human being.

??????????       That´s easy to answer daddy.

We cats lead relaxing lives AND we “think” for ourselves.  We´re not fond of being told what to do.

author-Avatar       You can say that again.  I´ve already noticed, still you wouldn´t be cats would you if you always did what we human beings wanted you to do.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar       Too right!

SW-Avatar       I tried to flick through that science magazine you had lying around the other day but I didn´t get far reading it.  My paws kept slipping on the shiny paper and I didn´t want to puncture a hole through the middle of it in case you would be annoyed.

Still, I did manage to read a caption from a US biologist; Gerald Crabtree was his name, where he had proved that you human beings have apparently,  lost a little bit of your intelligence to solving simple problems.  Your brains need a little longer (50 milliseconds) to digest and process information as oppose to times past.

MM-Avatar        You poor humans seem to be slowly “losing it” as this Crabtree fellow seems to have pointed out.

Without being too rude, I´ve noticed this fact for quite a long time – and without having to do any experiments like Mr Crabtree had to.

That´s why I´m glad I´m a cat. My brain is still super efficient and my instincts are all intact.

author-Avatar       What do you mean you´ve noticed  we´ve been “losing it” for quite a long time?

MM-Avatar       Observation tactics daddy. Simple, old fashioned, cat observation.

SW-Avatar       It´s your devices daddy. You humans do not need to use your brains as much as you used to do because most things are being taken care of by your electronic devices.

Your smelly, moving machines now drive on their own and park themselves automatically. You can navigate your way around with your gadgetry instead of having to think where you are.  In fact, from what I´ve heard, modern humans are literally glued to their devices 24 hours a day.

author-Avatar       I know we over use our electronical equipment a lot but we´re not using them 24 hours a day Sir Winston.

MM-Avatar       But doesn´t it frighten you all.  I mean, not being in control of my life would scare the pants (if I had any) off me.

You have to wade through a  flood of information everyday and I suspect that most of it is useless garbage. Gadgetry seems to be so time consuming.

SW-Avatar       And you´re never free. I thought freedom was so important for modern humans.  You´ve always got your mobiles switched on.  I´m glad I´m a cat and don´t have to carry one of those things around with me all the time.

MM-Avatar       And what about your politicians.  They´ve got an easy time with you all because very few humans seem to be able to “think for themselves” these days.  Most human beings appear to blindly believe the propaganda which is served to them.

author-Avatar       We do seem to have the habit of conveniently switching our brains off. Perhaps you´re right and it does have soemthing to do with the fact that we have become too reliable upon our machines.  We seem to have become disconnected with reality and our environment.

SW-Avatar       Or modern humans have forgotten (thank goodness?) what its like to live difficult lives with REAL problems because most of your seem to have become sick on your prosperity of the last 50 years or so.  It´s such a shame because I thought the human race had something going for it.

MM-Avatar       Please people, don´t lose control of yourselves. I don´t want to appear rude again but please relax a little, put your thinking caps on and attempt to get a REAL LIFE.

The real life is out there and not to be had by addictively consuming your time by using modern gadgetry.

Afterall, how many cats have you seen running about the place with a box and antenna glued to their ears?

We cats worry about you all you know.   🙂


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The best sofa in the world

The garden was a great place to be for recreational activities at this time of year and Mr Midnight and Sir Winston  had decided to take a break from playing and lolling about and were both now laying next to one another near the shade of the large tree in the corner of the garden.

10410704_944554975568075_5867472152594260223_n       It´s not a bad life we lead is it Mr Midnight.  I´m quite fond of this patch of the garden because it´s just so magical here.

DSCN0678      It´s not magical for me because I don´t like those spikey bits sticking in my bum. I much prefer lying on the path next to you.

It´s quite interesting that we both have diferrent ideas of where our favourite chill-out zones should be.

SW-Avatar       Well this part of the garden´s not bad for relaxing but there is another place much more comfortable than here.

MM-Avatar       And where is that?

SW-Avatar       In the house with daddy.

MM-Avatar       You could be right Sir Winston; there are many places one can wind down after a hard days slog.

I particularly like lying in that old chair in the bay window or if its cold outside, underneath the wash basin on the heated floor of the bathroom.

SW-Avatar       I was thinking of something else.  I was thinking about a soft, warm human sofa.

MM-Avatar       But I thought humans were not really into relaxing and taking care of their bodies properly.

You should see some of their sitting positions when watching that box with moving pictures.

It´s no wonder humans suffer with back pain half the time.

SW-Avatar       The human races addictions to the television set are well known among the animal kingdom but I suspect their back pain doesn´t just come from  sloppy sitting positions but also through their unconcious mental beliefs that they are frequently not supported in life – be it from their family, friends, workplace or society in general.

MM-Avatar       Still, purrrhaps they should adopt better sitting postions.

If you haven´t a clue humans you could try observing us cats every now and again.  We know how to take care of our bodies.   🙂

Now what were you going on about some kind of human sofa?

SW-Avatar       I love sitting on top of daddy.  Daddy is the best sofa in the world!

MM-Avatar       Ah I see what you mean. I must agree, humans are quite good to sit upon.

I especially like to dig my claws in deep when I knead daddy before I settle.

SW-Avatar       I can´t help doing that either, although I do wish I could stop doing it. It must be my instinct calling but daddy doesn´t seem to be too pleased about my actions.

When daddy lays on his sofa I love to stretch my body upon his and feel his warmth and happiness then spreads through my body.

MM-Avatar       I´ve noticed. Sometimes I can´t sleep in the chair next to you because your pur is so very loud.

SW-Avatar       I just love to feel daddy´s appreciation for me. I suppose it´s true love.

MM-Avatar       I know what you mean.  When I lay on him I feel exactly the same.

I must agree, humans make great sofas, especially when we have a sofa like our daddy.  🙂


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