The changing weather

       We´ve been having quite a bit of snow these last few weeks, haven´t we.

       I´m not too keen on all that white stuff. It´s so terribly cold underfoot.

       I´m quite fond of it myself. It looks so very pretty and it appears that nature slows down, or even falls into a deep sleep. I love sleeping.

       I suspect you don`t mind the white stuff because you don´t have to shift it all in the morning, Sir Winston. That´s daddy´s job.

       Snow is all part and parcel of living in the Black Forest in winter but to tell you the truth, my British roots prefer a life without all this snow.

       Why do they make it all white daddy?  Is it because they want to make our world appear pretty again?

       “They” make it snow simply because that´s how our weather system works Mr Midnight. When at the right temperature, moisture in the air turns into snow.

       Weather systems are changing all the time Mr Midnight. I find that things are getting more dramatic as the years go by.

       That must be because of the humans. They love faffing about with everything and one reaps what one sows.

       Some of us humans believe the changing weather has nothing to do with human existence.

       You could have fooled me!  🙂

       I believe it has something to do with the natural behaviour of our planet and catylistic attitudes and lifestyles of the human race.

       I think that most of us humans are aware that climate change is moving at a rapid pace, but because we are humans, the individual believes that he/she cannot do anything about it.

If applying such a mentality, it becomes obvious that our futures are going to change quicker than most of us want to believe.

       Us cats just look after ourselves. I thought you humans were a little cleverer than our cat philosophy.

If you all made a slight effort to rectify your lifestyles then future generations would also have a chance to enjoy this wonderful planet.

       I´ll not give up. I still have hope.

       Some of us humans are getting to grips with the climate situation and although it´s a hard and difficult path, I do believe we will get there in the end. Afterall, anything with a value is worth fighting for.

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May the force be with you

??????????       I´m feeling a little tired at the moment  Mr Midnight so could you pipe down a little longer. I´ve only had 15 hours of shut-eye and I´m still not quite with it.

DSCN2526       Sorry, did I disturb you?  I seem to have too much energy bottled up within me today. It must have been something to do with the moving pictures we saw with daddy last night. I didn´t know that humans were aware of “the force” which surrounds us.

DSCN2532       Aah, you´ve been inspired by that film we watched on  telly last night.  For human attempts I suppose it was quite good  although I didn´t understand half of it.  What was with the world domination thing and that man dressed in a silly mask supposed to be about?

??????????       You know how obsessed humans are about destroying things. I know they don´t mean too damage things but it seems to be in their genes.

The human race still has a long way to go. Purrrhaps if humans didn´t race so much they would be able to sort things out a bit easier.  They´re always on the go.

??????????       And the man in the funny black mask? What´s all that about?

DSCN0964       I think the gentleman suffers from asthma or something.  He most probably has to wear such a thing.  If you were racing about all day  and hell-bent on destroying the universe you´d probably get out of breath as well.

??????????       But it was only a film Mr Midnight. Still, perhaps you´re right and the actor suffers from some sort of illness.

The general idea of the story was quite good though wasn´t it.

??????????       It was fantastic.  Look at me, I look as though I come from “the dark side”.

??????????       And if I didn´t know you better I would agree with you.

I think It´s nice that humans make films which explain how “the force” as the humans call it, work, even though the film appears to be set in the future.

??????????       Yes, it reminds the good people that if they believe in themselves then they are able to do anything.  The force is everywhere.  One just has to use it ocassionally. One doesn´t have to wait for the future.

??????????       My force seems to be lagging at the moment Mr Midnight.  I think I need to recharge some more of my batteries.

??????????       I think I´ll join you Sir Winston.  There´s nothing like a good old recharge is there.

Speak to you again  next month humans.  May the force be with you.   🙂


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Peace on Earth

MM-Avatar       Peace on earth.  What´s all that about daddy?

author-Avatar       It´s something we humans have always been striving for. Good will to all men and peace on earth.

SW-Avatar       Well you´re going to start an argument already if you go about wishing good will to all men. What about the women present?

author-Avatar       I see what you mean Sir Winston and I must agree, to mention the human race as a collective by using the word “men” is a little old-fashioned.

MM-Avatar       And it´s your christmas time again so peace on earth must be high on your human agendas. What a nice way to celebrate that Jesus blokes birthday.

SW-Avatar       Peace on earth – how easy you all seem to forget; or have you humans forgotten the true meaning of the word “peace”.

MM-Avatar       Yes people; Peace on earth is not done by simply  muttering a few kind words at the end of the year in a crowded, cold building with a cross stuck on the roof you know.

One should live by those words the WHOLE YEAR.

author-Avatar       Can you two refrain from moaning about the human race?  I know we´ve still got so much to learn.

MM-Avatar       Sorry daddy.  I just couldn´t fathom out why peace on earth is so imprtant among you humans when the majority of you don´t seem to have a clue as to the true meaning of peace on earth.  I´ll try to be more patient.

SW-Avatar       You all have love within your hearts but most of you seem frightend to show your love.

author-Avatar       Christmas time is a good starting point with which to spread a little more love and kindness.

MM-Avatar       And then you could all make a New Years resolution to try and maintain spreading a bit of love about more often. Your lives would get easier and your world would become a better place.

SW-Avatar       I think that´s obvious Mr M. but the human race often tends to close it´s eyes to “the obvious”.

Anyway, we don´t wish to waffle on and on with our last blog for 2015 so we´ll keep this one short.

The three of us would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and a loving New Year.

MM-Avatar       And a special thank you to all of those who have followed a bit of our blog this year. We´re truly grateful.

MM-Avatar SW-Avatar author-Avatar

M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S   A N D   A   G R E A T   2 0 1 6   !


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Two cats ponder over electronic devices

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston were sitting in their favourite place upon the large boulders overlooking the street.  They noticed there was a lot of bustle today with people rushing to and fro in what seemed like  a frenzy to  get all of their tasks done at one time.

MM-Avatar       Good gracious.  Look at that one with those big ears  walking past our house.  He looks rather funny doesn´t he.

SW-Avatar       They´re not his ears Mr. M.  They call those things headphones.  I must agree though; he does look a bit perculiar.

MM-Avatar       And why does he use those headphone things Sir Winston?

SW-Avatar       I´m not quite sure but I think humans use them to drown out the sounds around them.

MM-Avatar       They must do because look – he crossed the road and nearly got himself knocked down from one of those smelly, fast-moving machines.  The silly billy  should look where he´s going.  You´d never see a cat wearing such ridiculous attire.

SW-Avatar       That´s because we have good hearing and we love living with our natural surroundings.

MM-Avatar       Look at all of those humans waiting by the bus stop.  Nobody talks to one another.  Do you think it´s because they´re listening to their mini ear devices?

SW-Avatar       You mean mobile phones?  They use ear plugs these days so that they can concentrate on their devices.  Humans don´t seem to like listening to their environment, most probably because most find it boring.  It seems  much more interesting to stay glued to ones electronic devices than to observe our beautiful surroundings.

MM-Avatar       Even to the extent of nearly getting ran over.  What a fool – still, he must find himself cool.

Humans seem to be addicted to their electronic devices.  Purrrhaps  humans have trouble thinking for themselves these days and need a programme to help them.

SW-Avatar       How´d you mean?

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps they are listening to commands on their machines such as “move left foot forward, move right foot forward”, etc.

SW-Avatar       Or the message on their machine is saying “breathe in, breathe out!”

Who knows whats on their devices but it must be pretty important.  They all seem to be addictively chained to the things.

I´ve been thinking about the word “device”.  According to daddy´s books, “Vice” is defined as being  an immoral or evil habit or practice.

English speaking humans love plonking the prefix “de” infront of words. For example,  by adding the prefix “de” infront of the word vice, the word becomes “device”.  The “de” prefix stems from Latin and means “off” or “from”.

So there you have it.

MM-Avatar        Your explanation sums it all up nicely Sir Winston.

The definition for a “device”  is a thing made for a particular purrrpose but the human races addictions to  “devices” could  also  stem “from evil habits or practices”.

Oh dear, it explains a lot but I hope you´re wrong with your philosophy.

Poor humans – they don`t seem to have a hope in hell of recovering from their addictive illness.

Still, purrrhaps that´s the way things are supposed to be.


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What you sow, you reap.

MM-Avatar       Oh my goodness Sir Winston, I´ve just had the fright of my life!

There I was, curled up nice and snug on the doormat of the main door to our domain when all of a sudden, this great verocious, aggressive, smelly beast approached me at full speed, yapping its mouth off.

You should have seen the size of its teeth!

SW-Avatar       You mean you´ve just encounted a dog?

MM-Avatar       Yes.  And you should have seen the size of the damn thing.

After having spied me it went  totally beserk.  The thing had no control over itself.  Honestly, dogs are really crackers.

SW-Avatar       Perhaps it was frightened of you.

MM-Avatar      Oh sure.  A great big doggy like that being afraid of a little Mr Midnight like myself.

SW-Avatar       Or perhaps it was excited to meet you.  You know how popular you are with the community.

MM-Avatar       If it was happy to see me, it has a funny way of showing it.  Those razor sharp teeth didn´t look too appealing and the horrible drooling  at the mouth was enough to put any cat off making friends with such a beast.

Haven´t dogs any manners?

SW-Avatar       Well the main thing is that you are alright now.  The dog couldn´t help it.  It was acting within its instincts.

MM-Avatar       I´ll remember that the next time you come running to me when you´ve seen a dog.

SW-Avatar       If you think about it; we´re not any better in our behaviour you know.

MM-Avatar       What do you mean?

SW-Avatar       Do you think those mice we sometimes trap or the birds we play about with are any less frightened than we are of dogs?  They must be terrified but we cannot help things.  Our instinctive nature takes the better of us all the time and small beings are often made to suffer because of us.

MM-Avatar       Well if you put it like that I suppose you´re right.  I don´t really like catching small beings but I seem to have no control over what I do.

SW-Avatar       And it´s the same with doggies.  They know not what they do.  They only act how they have been programmed.

I suppose we must suffer from dogs ocassionally because we terrorise other little beings.  I think that´s how the universe works.

MM-Avatar       I´ve heard about that phenomena before.

If a being  behaves badly towards another being then the universe automatically balances things out.  What we do to one another comes back to us at some later point in life. It´s logical really.

SW-Avatar       It´s the same with all things.  Energy  always balances itself.

That´s  why so many countries in the world also have financial problems.  The governments that rule the countries are often not fair towards their citizens and at some later stage, such countries will have to “pay” the consequences. For example, by having to spend even more cash than they really want to with which to get their house in order.

It´s the same with moonlighting or any other criminal activity.

The great thing is,  nobody can change the universal rules.

MM-Avatar       But we ALL have one great advantage.  If we act on our best behaviour we shall also attract good behaviour!  What a great universe we live in!

I´m going to try to and “think” before I “react” next time.

SW-Avatar       A good idea Mr Midnight.  Take responsibility for your actions and you´ll live a more satisfying life.

Christian people believe that “What you sow, you reap”, so the universal wisdom has at least been noted at some time or other.  Perhaps humans (and us animals) should put that wisdom to the test more often.    🙂

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The “D” words and living a life “in lack”.

??????????       Daddy, why do so many human beings choose to live their lives “in lack” instead of watching us cats and choosing to live life to the full?  So many modern humans believe they are victims.

10559817_908418939172062_2675612140325727190_n       A jolly good question Mr. Midnight. I´ve also often wondered about that same question.  Perhaps it has something to do with “human programming”.

??????????       Speaking from a cats point of view, I think I can give you a good reason why modern humans choose to live “in lack”.

It has something to do with being concious about your surroundings.  From what I´ve heard and seen, modern humans are not very good at “living in the moment”.  They´re not very concious about how all things are connected.

MM-Avatar       And what about all those poor refuges from war-torn places who seek asylum in our neck of the woods?  They have to live a life “in lack” and can´t seem to do anything about their sorry situation.

Amd what about all those poor cats in such terrible parts of the world.  They don´t have a chance in hell of getting a bit of piece and quiet.

author-Avatar       I do have an answer to your question Mr. Midnight about those suffering refuges (and cats!) but I think it´s too long to mention in this blog posting.  If anybody´s really interested I can get back to that topic in a future posting.

MM-Avatar       You´re just evading the issue daddy.

SW-Avatar       But I can understand daddy´s thinking.  You know how much he tends to waffle on and on Mr Midnight.  Let´s try and keep this posting as short as we can for a change Mr. Midnight.

As I have already stated, modern humans tend to go through life unconcious of their actions and surroundings.  They´re just not switched on are they.

MM-Avatar       They´re often switched on to their electronical devices though.  You´d think the things were glued to their ears.

author-Avatar       As is the case with most addictions, it´s terribly difficult to kick the habit.  We seem to need contact with our fellow humans all the time in which to feel comfortable.

SW-Avatar       If you ask me, I find all this electronical hype just a Distraction.

author-Avatar       A distraction of what?

SW-Avatar       A distraction to avoid spending time with oneself.  There are many answers to be found by being in-touch with oneself you know.

MM-Avatar       Yes daddy, you´d never find a cat getting bogged down with all those interferring electronical gadgets.  We rely on our own metal.

I didn´t realise  you humans were so insecure that you had to keep virtually a 24 hour vigil of your lives.

I think modern humans living their lives  ” in lack ” has something to do with the inability for humans to readily adapt to change and also, something to do with the “D” words.

author-Avatar       The “D” words?   What do you mean?

MM-Avatar       Disease, Death (someone elses!), Disaster, Divorvce, Devastation, Despair, Depression. . . . .

SW-Avatar       . . . .Distraction, Debt, Decadence, Degeneration, Demise, Dementia, Denial, Destortion, Disconnection, Discontent. . . . .

MM-Avatar       Dismay, Displacement, Dissastisfaction, Doom, and so on and so on.  I think you get the picture.

author-Avatar       Sorry lads, I don´t quite get the picture.  Why all the negative “D” words?

MM-Avatar       All of the “D” words are opportunities to chage something.  Without all those negative things going on the human race wouldn´t change anything.  It would simply take a comfortable lie down and accept that it was a victim to such things.   Usually, a human being will only change something after it has experienced some of those nasty “D” words stated above.

SW-Avatar       It´s rather an odd way to go about things (from a cats purrrspective) but you humans obviously love to suffer. . The “D” words are opportunities to sort ones life out.

Most live “in lack” because they believe they are victims but that is where most are wrong.

Humans should try and live life like a cat and at long last, make the decision to be A CHOOSER in life instead of habitually, a victim.

MM-Avatar       One can use the “D” words to ones advantage  and contrary to popular modern beliefs,  Discover (a nice “D” word)  🙂   that a persons life is only a creation of his (or her) own thoughts.

SW-Avatar       Believe in yourselves and forget about living your lives “in lack of”.

SW-Avatar MM-Avatar       Life´s up for grabs so take it and enjoy yourselves a bit more!


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Your own true self

DSCN0658       Can you remember anything at all?  It seems a very long time ago.

DSCN0664       I haven´t the foggiest idea of what you´re going on about Mr. Midnight.  I wish you´d ask things with a proper “lead-up” instead of just jumping in with half a question half the time. Could you kindly explain?

DSCN0663       You know what I mean. You know, before we came into this world as what English speaking people call “a cat”.

I have no recollections but I “feel” so much vibrancy and the flow of energy surrounding me is truly amazing.  I also  instinctively know that the  energy comes from a very long way back.

DSCN0652       Ah, I see what you mean.  You mean the soft, warm flow of energy radiating from somewhere within you which interacts with the energy surrounding us.

I´m not 100% certain but I do know that that golden glow is very ancient and guides me through my present life.

It´s wonderful isn´t it and it´s  nice to know that we´ll never really know for sure in this life.

DSCN0655       I can even taste the energy in my fur.

It´s something very special which exists in everything in the universe.  And to think that we´ve experienced it so many times before.

Do you think humans are aware of the energy and all the possibilities which surround them Sir Winston?

DSCN0631       I very much doubt it.  Humans are “too fixed in their ways”.  I bet some are still  open for other possibilities though.

Daddy tells me many stories about his experiences and some of those stories border on the exact same knowledge that us cats and other animals possess.

MM-Avatar       But the energies are truly fantastic.  If one is open to life, one becomes very susceptible to the wonders of life.  One has to be careful though.  Although one can protect oneself, one has to be careful that one doesn´t “soak-up”  too much negative energy generated from other beings.

SW-Avatar       Too right Mr. Midnight. Many of us so-called “domesticated” animals have to be careful we do not take-in too much negative energy from our human masters.

I think that´s why humans like us. Domesticated animals help calm humans by taking human negative energies away from them.   And then we animals get lumbered with their energy – that is, if one hasn´t protected oneself properly.

MM-Avatar       Daddy has also mentioned something about energy between humans.  He said that sometimes after having a conversation with somebody, he occasionally felt so tired.   That´s the same experience I often have.  Some “beings” tire me out with their energy.

SW-Avatar       That´s most probably because the “lower energy” will always be attracted to the “higher frequency” and will thus, unconsciously deplete the higher energies sources.

MM-Avatar       Well at least I know how to protect myself from such “bad energies”.

I just put my purple bubble around me and remain being my “true-self”.

SW-Avatar       That´s easy to say if you know who your true-self really is.

From my observations, many humans just seem to live life with a facade.  They live their lives how they have been told they should do, based on expectations from others, but are they really their true selves?  That is the question.

MM-Avatar       And that is probably why there is a lot of “negative energy” floating around at the moment.

The majority of people are not really satisfied or happy with their lives.

SW-Avatar       Then it´s time to start discovering oneself isn´t it.

MM-Avatar       Purrrhaps those feeling a lot of negative energy at the moment chose the experience before they came back down to Earth again.  If they did, then everything’s all hunky dory isn´t it.

Thank goodness I wanted to experience life as a cat this time around. My energies are totally switched on.

SW-Avatar       Well not everybody can choose to be a cat can they.

MM-Avatar      Give me four Sir Winston!  It´s great being a cat!      DSCN0621